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Sports Afield Trophy Properties succeeds Cabela’s Trophy Properties, which began in 2004 as a national listing service for countryside properties.
 Like its predecessor, Sports Afield Trophy Properties fills an important void in this particular niche of the real estate market, and it is the original and only trophy property program. Its mission is to connect buyers and sellers of countryside real estate with the brokers in our network. The SATP network is comprised of experienced brokers who are rural real estate specialists and who live, breathe, and understand land, nature, farming, woodland, forest, and outdoor recreational real estate.

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Our specialist real estate agents represent property owners throughout Canada, and buyers from within the provinces, across Canada and around the world who are seeking a range of investment opportunities in rural properties. If you would like to discuss selling a property or are seeking an investor, please call 1.866.345.3414. One of our agents will be happy to meet with you to discuss options. If you are interested in buying or investing in a property, you can view our current listings, or call 1.866.345.3414 for assistance locating the type of farm or land you are looking for.

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